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39 Steps to Employee Recognition

Posted by David Chittock on Nov 16, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Counting the Ways to Say Thank You

Gratitude is the Best Attitude card with nature backgroundOne of my favorite books is the British spy thriller, “The 39 Steps” by John Buchan.  When I came across an article entitled “39 Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas”, it caught my attention. It was written by SnackNation, a company that supplies healthy snacks to businesses as a benefit for their employees. As we’re drawing close to our season of thanks, I thought these employee appreciation examples might be worth exploring.

39 Employee Appreciation Ideas

  1. Give points to your team – employees send small bonuses to one another
  2. Keep a “Good Book”- post good outcomes and outstanding work publicly
  3. Scale staff recognition with a “Recognition Toolkit”- give recognition a personal touch
  4. Test recognition ideas by surveying your employees - find out what they really like
  5. Create a “Go the Extra Mile” Program - start a “GEM” award program
  6. Shout out on social media - profile on Facebook and other social media outlets
  7. Gamify with YouEarnedIt – employees give co-workers “game gold” they can cash in
  8. Gamify…in real life - Employees earn customized badges
  9. Recognize your team by recognizing their passions - grant time for personal projects
  10. Be true to your culture – embody your company mission
  11. Use your website well – dedicate a section to your employees
  12. Host a Friday “Crush-It” Call – weekly get-together to recognize awesome work
  13. Gift custom action figures – give each team member a personal action figure
  14. Make employee recognition part of your lingo – peer to peer thank you ecards
  15. Celebrate more - highlight employees who have made a spectacular effort
  16. Commission Custom Oil Paintings - commission an anniversary employee portrait
  17. Or, for a more budget-friendly option…hire an artist to create a caricature
  18. Try random acts of fun – hold company themed adventures
  19. Forget performance, recognize holistic achievements – recognize personal success
  20. Wall Clock for Your Employee of the Month Award – employee photo for each hour
  21. Recognize their other talents – acknowledge and celebrate personal talent
  22. Get together and cheer each other on – hold company-wide shout-outs
  23. Recognize the value of helping others – Give a monthly “helping hand” award
  24. A little gaming goes a long way – award points and badges for good work
  25. Know your staff – make recognition fun and personal
  26. Use an old school “suggestion box” – Call it a “recognition box”
  27. Don’t wait to show employee appreciation – practice on the spot recognition
  28. Design perks around your company story – create company themed events
  29. Dole employee recognition out daily – give frequent positive feedback
  30. Make the impact clear – provide social praise clearly
  31. Set up a peer-to-peer system – make peer-to-peer recognition easy
  32. Support what they want to support – let staff select community service projects
  33. Go visit – Give your employees facetime with you
  34. Showcase employee success stories – Create testimonials of employee promotions
  35. Recognize skills they value in themselves – recognize skills you want to nurture
  36. Ask for help – enlist their assistance in company projects
  37. Give them nicknames – complimentary nicknames can boost camaraderie
  38. Brag about them – be your employees’ biggest cheer leader
  39. Be a not-so-secret admirer - send employees personally signed thank you cards

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

You may not want to adopt all or even most of these ideas. But the fact remains they all add up to one thing – a culture of appreciation. This is the true bedrock of employee recognition and should permeate every aspect of your workplace. There are no half measures here. Employee recognition is a full time and extremely rigorous job. It requires a full time and extremely rigorous employee recognition program. Don’t try this alone – we’ve written the book!

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