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Employee Recognition in the Health Care Industry

Posted by David Chittock on Jul 14, 2015 11:14:00 AM

The Importance of Patient Satisfaction


Over the past decade, there has been a growing imperative within the US healthcare industry to not only deliver the highest levels of patient care, but to also ensure that each patient is provided a totally satisfactory experience.  This is evidenced by the numerous patient-centric initiatives being mounted by many health care facilities.  Hospitals are also discovering the strong correlation between patient satisfaction and the level of employee engagement among the hospital staff.  Research bears this out as well.  According to Towers Watson, “When hospital employees were more engaged and more satisfied with their pay and benefits; their patients believed they received better care and, as a result, were more willing to recommend the hospital.”


Employee Engagement and Recognition


There is a widely accepted foundational principle that employee recognition is one of the key drivers of employee engagement.  That is why the health care industry needs to be laser-focused on creating a culture of recognition that encompasses their entire organization including leadership, medical staff, non-medical staff, stakeholders, and perhaps most importantly, patients. This total recognition strategy is absolutely vital if hospitals hope to achieve their overall mission and goals.


Begin with a Strategic Plan


To get where you want to go, you have to have a plan.  You will need to build a recognition strategy firmly based on your organization’s mission, goals and objectives.  You need to ensure that your recognition strategy is totally aligned with your core values so that your employees will be recognized for behaviors and performance that reflect those values.  You must always keep in mind that your employee engagement strategy is inexorably tied to your patient centered mission.


 Employ Best Practices


 If you want your employee recognition program to be world class, you have to adhere to the industry’s Best Practices.  Rewards Professionals International, (RPI) has identified the following attributes as Best Practices for employee recognition:

Cleveland Clinic was awarded RPI’s 2014 Overall Best Practices Award utilizing Incentra’s employee recognition technology platform.


Elements that Drive Success


The following key components are intrinsic to your employee recognition program:

  • The creation of a recognition plan that is all inclusive, multi-dimensional, and accommodating of all your employees, patients, and stakeholders.

  • The design of a rewards program that addresses all the needs of a diverse, multi-generational and multi-skilled workforce.

  • The implementation and deployment of a feature rich, yet easy to use technology platform that is totally customizable, scalable, and easily modified for communicating, managing and tracking all your recognition initiatives.

  • The accessibility of powerful metrics for measuring and monitoring program effectiveness, and levels of employee engagement.


You Need the Right Partner


Incentra’s track record in the health care industry includes such renowned facilities as Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Orlando Health Systems. We bring our clients a level of expertise and knowledge unmatched in the industry.  We understand the challenges facing hospitals and can help you navigate all the headwinds and crosswinds facing you on this journey.  We’re ready to partner with you.  Are you ready?


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