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Employee Recognition: There’s an App for That

Posted by David Chittock on Jul 2, 2015 11:11:00 AM

Employee Recognition Technology

Rewards Technology in 2015

Recently, Gartner Inc. published its “Technology Overview for Employee Recognition and Rewards Software”.  In it, Gartner claims that the convergence of social media, mobility, cloud computing and information patterns has reimagined recognition and rewards technology.   IT and HR leaders should leverage this “Nexus of Forces” to reinforce desired behavior and motivate employees.

Gartner’s key findings were the following:
  • Recognizing a job well done is a proven method of increasing employee morale and engagement. This is especially important in organizations with an increasing proportion of Generation Xers and "millennials" who are said to crave recognition and praise more than monetary reward.

  • The most impactful use of employee recognition and rewards platforms is in midsize and larger organizations in highly people-centric businesses and industries where working as part of a team is needed to meet organization goals.

  • Once invested into a recognition and rewards platform, organizations can apply it to additional use cases for additional benefit at little additional cost.

Yesterday’s Technology Just Won’t Hack It

Gone are the days when a single spreadsheet or standalone program was sufficient for managing employee recognition and rewards.  Such tools were useful for tracking milestones such as service anniversaries, employee of the month programs, and annual award ceremonies.  Typically companies gave cash awards or points toward items in printed catalogs. These awards were almost always manager generated and not always received in a timely manner. 

Today’s workplace calls for a much more multi-faceted approach to employee recognition that goes well beyond the traditional top-down mode.  Peer-to-peer, social media, on-the-spot recognition and timely rewards are but a few of the drivers that are transforming technology rewards programs.

Essential Elements of a Rewards Technology Platform

According to Gartner, the leading software solutions that support recognition and rewards programs in 2015 fully integrate cloud, social, analytics and mobile computing into the solution. Most systems also contain a rewards component, such as points that can be accumulated and redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, time off or other elements of reward. Modern platforms also embed gamification concepts, such as leader boards for "badges" and points, to bolster the social recognition effect.

Important Characteristics of Today’s Recognition Solution

Gartner cites the following characteristics as critical to a recognition program’s success:

  • An enriched user experience for both the giver and recipient of the recognition

  • A centralized  platform that is easily accessed by all users

  • The enhanced capability to utilize mobile devices for sharing videos, images, and other recognition related communications in instantly accessible formats

  • The ability for managers to perform on the spot recognition

  • The facility  for employees to easily recognize one another

  • The total integration with social media

  • Robust management and tracking tools

  • Powerful analytic tools

  • The capacity to perform rewards fulfillment

  • The ability to handle gamification concepts, (award of badges, points or other visual indicators of recognition)

  • Flexible administration of business rules and ease of modification

The Right Partner

It goes without saying that a vital factor in your recognition program will be the selection of the right recognition partner. If you’re seeking a world-class rewards technology program, you’ve come to the right place.  This is what we do and we do it better than anyone else.

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