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Finding the Right Rewards and Recognition Provider

Posted by David Chittock on Oct 27, 2017 9:37:01 AM

Rewards and Recognition

What to Look For

You’ve done all your homework and now you’re ready to select the R&R partner that’s the best fit for your organization. So what features in an R&R vendor should you be looking for? In its 2017 report on R&R software, Gartner lays out several criteria to keep in mind when selecting an R&R technology platform. These considerations include both the type of R&R solution that is right for your group and the kind of provider capabilities you’ll need to achieve a successful R&R program.

What Type of R&R Is Right for You?

According to Gartner, there are basically two types of R&R software vendors in the market, Talent Management and Domain Specialists. Talent Management and/or Human Capital Management HCM are typically Core HR Process related with links to performance management. Domain Specialists focus mainly on R&R technologies.  Domain specific vendors generally offer integration with most mainstream talent management/HCM providers out of the box, so the advantages of a solution from a Domain Specialist generally still outweigh the benefits of solely using a talent management/HCM provider's solution for recognition.

Program Options That Support Your Culture and Goals

For any R&R program to succeed, the program components must make sense to your employees, culture and goals. Look for vendors whose functionality is flexible enough to create tactical reward and recognition tools that match your organization’s needs. No company is the same, so your overall recognition solution should be configured uniquely to it; not shoehorned into a rigid program designed for the masses.

The Right Level of Usability for Your End Users and Managers

Providers all have a different view on what makes a good user experience, and it's important for organizations to ascertain what their user population would readily accept. Organizations need to focus on the needs and usability requirements of both the recognition givers and recipients. Ultimately, it's important to make sure the user experience provided is appropriate for your particular scenario and user population.

The Integration Capability of Your Vendor

Determine what sort of integration options are available with your HR system of record (such as flat files, APIs or web services) and what is the most suitable for your system setup. Many leading vendors in the R&R domain already work with the most common HR and talent management providers, but bear in mind that standard integrations won't generally work if the HR system of record has been heavily customized.

R&R Options That Fit Your Workforce

Rewards and incentives must appeal to your employees, or motivation won't be achieved. Identify rewards malls that match your workforce, and make sure that rewards are as inclusive as possible so employees may select rewards they will personally value. Some vendors offer a variety of approaches and rewards that could be tailored for different segments of your workforce.

Quality of Post implementation Support

One critical indicator to examine is how successful a vendor is with clients that are similar to you in terms of industry, complexity, demographics, ambitions and so forth. You will need to evaluate not only the technology, but also the vendor's ability to proactively support a personalized program and strategy for the duration of the contract.

In It for the Long Haul

Probably the most important criterion is the level of commitment the vendor makes to your organization. You’re going to need a provider that is as invested in your employees’ success as you are. You need look no further.  When we say “partner”, we really mean it.

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