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5 Ways to Recognize Employees at the End of the Year

Posted by Vicki Hiney on Dec 17, 2021 1:00:00 PM

employee recognition at the end of the year

The end of the year can be a bit frantic as we try and navigate our personal obligations that may include buying gifts, decorating, family gatherings with our professional obligations – for some businesses, this is their busiest time of year.

With all of the busyness of the holiday season and the end of the year can bring, it’s important to remember your employees and recognize them for their hard work over the past year. Here are some simple ideas you can implement to show appreciation to your employees.

Time Off

If you’re not a business that can shut down from Christmas through New Year’s, don’t worry. Everyone can use even one extra paid day off, especially at this time of year or even in January. If that timing doesn’t work for your business, there are many other options life a shortened workday on Fridays in the Summer; an extra day off around the 4th of July; etc.




Does your company have a charity they sponsor? If not, consider sponsoring families for the holiday season, and each employee can pick out a gift from the list (the company pays for the gift). Donating time as a team or company is also very rewarding. There are shelters and food pantries that need extra help this time of year. Another idea is to let each employee pick a charity of his or her choice that you will donate to for them.


Gift Cards or Cash


Gift cards and cash are no longer thought of as impersonal gifts. Most recipients love the freedom to be able to use the card or cash the way they really want to. If you do give gift cards, make sure it’s one you know the employee will use, or select one that is universal for everyone.

Get the Team Together

There are so many ideas for getting your team together to celebrate. Getting to know each other outside of work is so important to building a happy and productive team. Some ideas include dinner, bowling, an escape room, and painting a canvas. Even if you are unable to get the team together in person this year, consider a Zoom party.

Personal Thank You or Gift

Handwritten notes thanking an employee for his or her specific accomplishments are a great way to recognize employees at the end of the year. Personal gifts are another idea. Each employee’s gift is hand-selected to represent something they like or that is important to them.

If you need some help coming up with more employee recognition ideas or want to develop a comprehensive program to recognize and engage your employees throughout the year, give us a call.


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