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The Importance of Employee Recognition in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by David Chittock on Apr 28, 2023 10:00:00 AM

employee recognition in healthcare

Healthcare in Crisis Mode

The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented challenges. Along with the pandemic, the industry is experiencing severe talent shortages, high turnover rates, and heavy competition for top candidates. From nurses to physicians, janitors, and administrative staff, every employee in a healthcare organization is affected by these challenges. This has resulted in serious negative impacts on the patient experience. Healthcare leaders must find ways to address talent retention and reengage their workforce.

Need to Prioritize Healthcare Recognition Programs

Recently, HIT Consultants, a healthcare research firm, addressed this issue by focusing on the importance of employee recognition. To accelerate a superior patient experience, HR professionals in healthcare need to ensure their organization’s employees are engaged.

Employee engagement has many standards, and one opportunity often overlooked by healthcare organizations is employee recognition. However, data and studies show that it’s a profitable investment and is, in fact, very essential to the organization, employee, and patient health. The following outcomes are the real benefits of an employee recognition program to a healthcare organization:

  • Boosting Productivity and Engagement Among Healthcare Staff - By showing appreciation for their employees’ perseverance and hard work, employers help their employees feel that their work has a purpose and that they are valued members of the industry. Studies have shown that when employees are engaged and motivated, their productivity levels and quality of work improve. 

  • Reducing Employee Turnover Rates in Healthcare Organizations - Turnover is an expensive threat in the healthcare industry. Aside from the financial expenses, the remaining employees always have an increased workload. These effects can create a cycle of turnover, which creates a heavy financial and emotional burden for organizations.

  • Improving Employee Satisfaction and Enjoyment of Work in the Healthcare Industry - When managers give employees due recognition, it gives them a sense of belonging and satisfaction, and they enjoy their work more.

  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction in Healthcare Services - When employees are happy and satisfied, they give their time and attention to relating to and working with patients by listening to their complaints and ensuring they are satisfied without the employee getting frustrated. 

  • Retaining Quality Healthcare Employees Through Recognition Programs - Top-quality employees can be retained with proper recognition by offering them a few words of encouragement. Hospital leaders worldwide are actively seeking ways to address the stress and burnout experienced by their healthcare workers amid the pandemic. Recent research has revealed that employee recognition will enhance hospital performance.

  • Mitigating Stress and Absenteeism Among Healthcare Workers - Employees sometimes experience burnout and go through stress. When they are genuinely appreciated and given maximum recognition, it helps ease stress because they feel appreciated and their efforts are valued.

An Essential Investment

For healthcare leaders who seek to promote employee, team, and business success, it's crucial to prioritize employee recognition and integrate it into the company’s overall culture. The Incentra team understands the challenges facing the healthcare industry. We can help. Give us a call.


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