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Top 5 Blog Posts in the Past Year

Posted by Vicki Hiney on Mar 17, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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We’re sharing our top 5 blog posts (by the number of page views) that were published over the last 12 months. If you missed any of these posts, check them out here. They feature the latest topics in the industry as well as helpful information on employee recognition and channel incentives.

Channel Incentive Trends

Businesses continue to deal with labor and supply shortages among other challenges. That’s why evaluating your current channel incentive program and making the necessary changes for your business to thrive is essential. In this post, we highlight four trends for channel incentive programs.

Why Is Employee Recognition Important in Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations still face unprecedented challenges. Enhancing employee recognition is not a complete solution, but more and more hospital systems are implementing formal employee recognition programs to try and retain employees and manage productivity. In this post, we discuss why hospital systems need to prioritize and invest in attracting talented employees in a very competitive marketplace. 

What Are the Components of a Highly Successful Healthcare Recognition Program?

Once the need for a recognition program is established, where do you begin? From group outings to bonus days off to employee of the month designations to appreciation events, there are countless ways to let employees know they are valued and appreciated. In terms of formal recognition programs, we suggest thinking in terms of CARES: Celebrate, Acknowledge, Reward, Engage, and Survey. CARES is discussed in detail in this post

Reimagining Employee Recognition in a Hybrid Workplace

Employers need to reinvent their workplace culture and determine how to engage and motivate employees in a dispersed workplace environment. So how can employers rethink their workplace culture and adapt to this environment? In this post, we discuss how employers need to embrace a flexible workplace culture in order to be able to recruit top performers.

How to Put the CARES Concept to Work in Your Healthcare Organization

Incentra’s technology partner, WorkStride (now Dash Solutions), studied some of the country’s leading healthcare systems and learned how they manage recognition, engagement, retention, and attraction within their organizations. In this post, you can read about the initiatives that are common in leading recognition programs.

There you have it – our top 5 blog posts from the past 12 months. Let us know if Incentra can help you with your employee recognition or channel incentives programs.



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